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  • Danielle

    My husband and I have been eating sushi at Pancho’s place since 2013. We both spent time growing up in Asia. Now we bring our kids here and it’s our favorite date night with our kids. I struggle to eat sushi anywhere else because it’s hard to find sushi as good as Pancho’s and I normally make the long drive now just to eat sushi here. Pancho really does make the best and we love the staff. It’s some of the best sushi in the valley.

  • Kevin

    We come in all the time, my kids love to out tips in the jar and wait for you to say “thank you very much “
    Hey i was thinking you need to make a

    Jalapeño popper roll.

    Normal rice roll
    Cream cheese
    An slice of roasted jalapeño instead of cucumber
    Deep fried and covered in eel and spicy sauce

  • Todd

    Before I had a job transfer in 2018 I was so obsessed with his sushi and and happy hour and the all you can eat menu that I was a
    actively looking to buy a house in the neighborhood behind the restaurant so I could walk home.

  • Anonymous

    I played golf with Poncho this morning at Dobson Ranch and he told us about Mido Sushi. I don’t eat fish, but plan on bringing my wife and granddaughter, Lilah.

    Thanks Poncho!

  • Garret

    My favorite sushi place! Me and my girlfriend come here every so often and we love it!, They’re always very patient with us because sometimes we want our stuff a little different and they never have a problem with it. Thanks so much!

  • Ethan

    Love this place! Even without the all you can eat they created a great combo!! 30 dollars for 3 rolls and 3 nigiri!

  • Chyken Wyng Ona Strang

    We refuse to go anywhere else to get fresh, amazingly delicious sushi. This has got to be the best I’ve had since moving here. My daughter came here the first time I introduced her to sushi and she has been hooked since. Any place else just won’t do. We’re actually on our way there right now to get those darn Vegas rolls. Thanks you guys for always having friendly service and wonderful food.

  • Nick

    Pancho staight up rocks! We’re hoping to come by tonight or in the next few nights to celebrate purchasing a home! Love the staff, the food, and Panchos’ antics.

  • Caroline, Stu and Ellen

    It was great to see you all again yesterday when I picked up our delicious take out order yesterday. With your excellent quality sushi, wonderful family service, and “extra ginger!” it’s no surprise you are persevering despite the pandemic. We will be back!

  • William

    We miss you Mido, take-out is not the same. My family eats here at least once a week. My daughter asks me almost daily when are they coming back. We hope you are all well and can re-open the restaurant soon.

  • Jim

    My favorite Sushi place of all! I always bring my girl Erica with me and we have a great time talking with Pancho, he always takes care of us and makes us the BEST sushi!


  • Berrett Family

    We just miss you so much and hope our Mido family is doing well during the shut down… can’t wait until we can come in and get some sushi!! If you were open for take out, you’d be our top pick!!!! Hope you’re all well and we miss you!!!

  • Andrew & heather

    Hi my wife and I have been regular customers for a long time. We’re just wondering if you’re still open and if so we’d like to order.

  • Al Bloom

    This Place is a Gem!
    My wife and I moved to the Phoenix area a little over 5 years ago and started a search for a Sushi Bar to replace one that we felt was comparable to what we enjoyed for many years living in Orange County California. After many disappointing meals in our immediate area we looked on Yelp and found Mido Sushi. We have been eating there at least once a week ever since! It’s a warm family owned business, and their warmth and caring for their customers is evident. The fish is always the freshest and well prepared. Their all you can eat Sushi is very popular, so get there early to avoid the crowds!
    Leah and Al Bloom

  • Corliss

    Your the Best, Poncho and your wonderful staff – no one in this state can make Sushi like Mido’s. BIrthdays, Holidays, any time you are part of the Mido family, from the minute you walk in and leave….love the birthday theme – everyone is at the party with you fun time see you Pancho – Birthday times coming…..

  • Jeff

    Pancho and his Sushi have been a staple in Tucson and then his move to Chandler. Still my favorite place to go for amazing quality sushi and fantastic prices. A must visit if you want great sushi! More than 15 years of Panchos sushi and still going back.

  • Mike S.

    We’ve been to some of the highest rated sushi restaurants in CA, OR and CO. This place is by far on the top! Everything was VERY fresh (and I used to catch salmon myself in the pacific and eat it that night). Every little detail from the rice, seaweed wraps and the avocado was of highest quality. This is a 6 out of 5 star restaurant, food, cleanliness and service alike. I don’t know how they keep this high quality with average pricing. We are truly impressed.

  • Erica

    I have been coming here for years. By far my favorite place. I will not got any where else or sushi, frankly you don’t fix what’s not broken. The whole staff is like family. Poncho, Nacho, Hon, Chance, Sonny, and Shannon always go above and beyond. The food always exceeds my expectations. You would be crazy not to dine here. Keep up the great work gang. ❤️

  • Mike

    My favorite place hands down!!! Me a my girlfriend come here at least once a week. Love the happy hour specials and great service !!

  • Andrea Marie McGlynn

    We absolutely LOVE the sushi. Do you have anything kid friendly? My daughter has a hard time with sushi.

  • BK Young

    I love their foods and I enjoy their friendly atmosphere. I can recommend to anybody. Simply saying that ” THEY ARE THE BEST IN TOWN “.

  • Anonymous

    Can you please add the happy hour menu to the website? Also, can you show the descriptions of the sushi rolls (what’s in them)?

  • katespade

    I must say, being a spoiled foodie from Los Angeles, California and knowing about sashimi and sushi texture. MIDO SUSHI IS IT!!!! AWESOME EVERYTHING 🙂

  • Andy

    Pancho! You changed your website so I can no longer see your full menu, nor the descriptions of the types of rolls. Could you bring both back, please! We often order Mido for takeout! Thanks! -Andy

  • Anonymous

    Pancho, I love your sushis and sashimis, I found this lovely place thanks to tripadvisor, I month coming almost everyday to dinner, thnaks for teaching me to eat sushi with wasabi and soy sauce.

    Tu amigo Vladimir from Guadalajara, Mexico, the land of Tequila and Mariachi,

  • Anonymous

    Hello Pancho,

    Just found out where you moved to from Tucson. We will stop in next time we are in Chandler. You’ll remember my little guy you used to throw the towels at. He is now almost 17. Can’t wait to see you.
    Rob Lewis

  • Thomas

    My family considers ourselves lucky to live in the neighborhood behind Midos. We eat here twice a week and always enjoy the great food and service. Best Sushi in AZ!

  • Jimmie

    I lived in the Valley for 10 years, and Mido was the absolute best. I still haven’t been able to find a single sushi place that can live up to you guys. If you currently live in the Valley its worth the drive whatever part you are in.

  • You literally have the best sushi in the valley. Turned my sister and brother in law into lovers. They come from the north valley to come have dinner with my husband and I any time we go. This is my favorite sushi place -ever- never had a bad experience not once! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  • Domingo

    My wife and I would go to Sushi Hama religiously when he was owner of Sushi Hama. We knew he moved to the valley but not where to – Now I know where and I’ll have to make it a point to drop in!

  • Sunshine

    We love your sushi! You know we always come and can’t get enough! Would love it if the service would pick up and be what it used to be! But either way we always look forward to the Mexican rolls! Yummy!

  • Spencer Torrico

    I have been looking for an all you can eat sushi place in the Chandler/Tempe area and heard about this place so I gave it a shot…and it was AMAZING! I won’t go anywhere else, I plan to be a regular even. The food was so damn good and tasted so fresh! Mido Sushi is the best!

  • M

    Im from out of town, but I get so excited when we get to go to MIDO! I tell everyone to go, I can’t get enough of the MIDO ROLL! The all you can eat special is just amazing and such a good bang for your buck 🙂

  • George Genny and Bryan

    The best Sushi in Town everytime we come in. Also the Mackarell Sushi my favorite…. Must Try! Leave some for Me!

  • Arianna

    I come here so much I’m known by name;), I make sure to bring a different person each time because I need to show how amazing you are! Hands down the best sushi I have ever had and it’s nothing but the best made by the best!

  • Jennifer waldron

    This place is simply fabulous! My husband did a research on a great real sushi place and mido came up….so we went and had many different things to eat and very single one made our mouth water! We live about 45 minutes away, but always stop for take-out on my way home from work. Pancho is always there and greets everyone at the door while he’s making customers yummy dishes. This place is not fancy, but the food is amazing!

  • Nick

    This place simply rocks. Pancho is definitely the ring leader / circus clown making this place EPIC on top of the already delicious sushi. Get the spicy Pancho roll!

  • Harry Young

    Oy! This is one of my regular sushi spots indeed! I’ve introduced and brought a few people here.


  • Raquel

    I live super close to Mido, and I go there with my family all the time. The food is fabulous and it’s nowhere near as expensive as other sushi places. This is definitely our favorite sushi place!

  • Jonathan

    Had Mido for the first time last night. It was delicious the All You Can eat was more than a deal and the sushi was incredible

  • Jesse

    My wife and I love visiting your sushi bar. Thanks for making sushi afforbable for us working folk!

  • Steve

    I’ve been coming here many times. Pancho is hilarious, and his sushi is delicious. I’m a big fan of the Pancho and Mido rolls.

  • I try to get out to Mido when i want to treat my self, that may not sound like a huge deal, but i live in buckeye! that makes it a 2 hour round trip! and every time its worth it !

  • Claudia, Milton & Rob

    Hola Pancho el Guapo
    This is the best shusi,best price,best service,best restaurant,best chef,best everything, I love your salad,I love your shusi.
    Thanks for everything… are always nice & happy person …. We love you,we love your place… God Bless You

  • Edgar

    This is hands down my new favorite sushi place in AZ. I used to go to another sushi place regularly but then heard about Mido and had to give them a try and I am extremely glad I did. The quality of the sushi is as good as you can get and the service is phenomenal. Everyone is very friendly and Pancho is exceptional at what he does and very funny. It’s a pleasure to come and sit at the bar but it’s also great when sitting at a table or even for take out. Thanks everyone at Mido for the outstanding work you all do and you now have another loyal customer!

  • Tara

    I’ve been to many of the top sushi places in the valley and consider myself a sushi connoisseur. My friends from work introduced me to Mido and I’ve been going with them for a few years now. This is one of my favorite sushi places in the valley and the quality and value is outstanding!! I’ve been telling everyone about it ever since my first visit. Pancho is fabulous! He appreciates loyal customers and always has a smile on his face! I will always be a loyal customer!

  • George

    The best sushi in Chandler and surrounding area And great service and check out the happy hours will be back there soon!!

  • Margarita & Darrell Dawson

    Dear Mr. Pancho el Guapo…
    We just to attend your restaurant very often .. We just move from Az. to Ohio… and we have been trying to find a sushi restaurant.. but no success No one can be compared with the quality and service that MIDO have…
    Mido is The best Sushi ever….
    We miss Mido….

  • Dianette

    I have been going to Pancho’s place since 1999 when he was at Sushi Hama in Tucson. Then he moved to Chandler and opened Mido Sushi. I make it a point to stop there for lunch or dinner whenever I am in the Phoenix area. Mido is my absolute favorite Sushi place!!!

  • Jodi

    I am from Phoenix but now live in Seattle – the one place I make sure to visit when I’m in town is Mido! Awesome sushi, great service, and excellent value.

  • David

    You will not find a better sushi home. The folks are beyond friendly, and you are treated like family. The 1/2 price specials make it affordable as can be.

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